Pink Plastic is an avant-garde 20th century inspired jewelry and clothing company originated by Princess Aurum and Ann Wynn. The objectives of the following concept posts are to increase the influence of Pink Plastic on its target audience and to drive sales for featured products. The content is specifically for the Instagram story format, but can be remixed for other types of posts and mediums.



  • Followers want slim thick body, but don't think they have it
  • Followers have old clothes, but don't want them
  • Followers love visually appealing photos, but can't take them
  • Followers know where to get cute clothes, but don't act


  • 18-24 years old
  • Instagram and Snapchat queens
  • Curvaceous and vivacious
  • Intrigued by poppy, trendy and risky styles


Shop Outerwear!

This first concept plays with the progression bar feature, showing each featured piece in one pose while progressively changing to another. Each featured piece would get its own separate story post to allow viewers the chance to flip back and forth between the three. If a viewer were to swipe up on any of the first three posts, they would be taken directly to the featured piece's website page to buy. The last post of this concept is a call to action to shop outerwear and would lead to the outerwear website page.

Pink Plastic Glambook: Bodysuit Edition

This concept plays with the 15-second time limit for Instagram stories, three different jumpsuits before the time is up. This would only require one story post. If a viewer were to swipe up on it, they would be led to the bodysuits website page. The last part of the post is a call to action to swipe up and shop.

New Post Alert!

One of the greatest benefits of Instagram stories is that it drives viewers to click on the owner's profile. This concept plays with the profile pic-click by taking a photo relevant to the new post and announcing that there's a new post to like. Since this particular Instagram post was about the "Aubrey" bathing suit, users would also be able to swipe up and go directly to this piece's website page.

Let's Play a Game...

This concept plays with the pause feature on Instagram stories to make the viewer have a more interactive experience with Pink Plastic products. Viewers can either leave it up to chance or try to successfully stop on their favorite piece. All the while, they will be able to swipe up and find every piece on the new arrivals website page.

One Story, One Look

This last concept gives a full feature to one look in one story post. Featured here is the beautiful "Gigi" Faux Fur coat using a parallax graphic video format for an even more stimulating experience of the photo. The last part of the story is a call to action for viewers to swipe up and immediately shop for this piece.



Ann Wynn is a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in the DMV area. The two objectives of these concept posts are to tell a story that allows her followers to visualize themselves in the Pink Plastic Babes products and to take care of her loyal followers. The content is fit for all Instagram post types and can garner corporate sponsorships.


    Instagram Stories, Video

    Wynn-er Looks

    Stories, Carousel, Blog - #wynnerlooks

    Wynn's followers are already looking for way to get her looks and styling techniques for different body types. Wynn already does a great job of tagging the stores and places she buys her clothes. To play on this, Wynn's Instagram story can include link posts to her blog where she explains where to get the looks (links included) and 3-5 different places to wear the look. The captions to Wynn's image and carousel posts that already feature her looks can direct her followers to the link in her bio, which leads to the same blog.

    Instagram Carousel, Image and 3 Video Highlights


    Stories, Carousel, YouTube - #dinwithwynn

    Wynn has played on her and her follower's passion for food by breaking down recipes on her YouTube page. To direct more people to these videos, Wynn's Instagram story can include link posts to her YouTube video on how to make the meal. Carousel posts that feature a static image and three follow up 15-sec videos featuring the recipe breakdown can direct her followers to the link in her bio, which leads to the same YouTube video.

    Instagram Stories, Video, Boomerang

    Instagram Babes Contest

    Stories, Carousel, Blog - #IGbabesPPB

    This wildcard concept does not play on any of Wynn's current posts, but does play on her business needs and what her follower's want. Wynn could host a contest that encourages her 48.7k followers to also follow @pinkplasticbabez, currently at 29.3k followers. To enter followers would have to follow Wynn's guide on how to take bomb Instagram photos (featured on her blog), take a bomb photo of themselves (bonus if wearing a PPB product), and post it to their IG using the hashtags #IGbabesPPB, #bodypositive and #selflove. The first hashtag is currently not in use. The winners would receive a picture-perfect PPB glam kit in the mail!

    To get people to enter into this contest, Wynn's IG story would feature a boomerang of the PPB glam kit, rules on how to enter and a link post to her blog post on how to take bomb Instagram photos. The rules on how to enter could also be in a carousel format with the same content and a caption directing followers to the link in her bio, which leads to the same blog post.