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Apply now to join the summer pilot program of bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters starting on their journey to become a #BrandBoss influencer. Get the tools and guidance you need from established macro-influencers today!


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From blog writing to the perfect Instagram page, this is the best place to keep up with how to take care of your brand. Stay on top of the #BrandBoss trends by subscribing for monthly updates!


Brandbox Creative Services

Hop into Emprology's Brandbox to get the creative tools you need for your blog, vlog or podcast. From a logo to a website, we got you covered on building your personalized visual brand identity!


Empress Hours

Book some face-to-face time and get the specialized treatment you are looking for to take your brand to the next level. Learn from either The Empress or other #brandboss girls and walk away with action items specific to you!


Black girls run the creative world.

Looking for a community of black girl creatives, a pool of clients, and the tools to become a freelance artist? Well you've come to the right place. 



Committed to innovation.

The BGCreatives program seeks to feature black girls who have a creative focus in either photography, videography or graphic design and are open to work in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

On your journey as a #BrandBoss, the BGCreatives directory is a perfect resource to not only build a strong visual identity for your brand, but to also give back to black girls with a passion just like you. So for your next photoshoot or logo design, take a scroll and see if there is a BGCreative that can complete this service for you.