#BrandBoss Academy

Become an influencer and make money.


Learn how to increase your following and make money with your brand. Start your journey to become an influencer. Space limited.

Join the summer pilot program of black female bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters starting on their journey to become a #BrandBoss influencer. Empower your passion today.

From blogs, to vlogs, to podcasts, this is a course crafted uniquely for you to begin pinpointing your audience, growing your following, and eventually monetizing off your brand by becoming an influencer.


Influencers are individuals with significant reach, the ability to influence people's opinions and purchase decisions. Through their various brand mediums of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, or social media platforms, they have built communities of engaged followers based on a niche.

The #BrandBoss Academy seeks to provide you with knowledge that could lead to you becoming a macro-influencer with a reach of 10K-1M followers and the strategies to form lucrative partnerships with businesses that fit your niche demographic.


Over the course of three weeks starting on June 15th, you will participate in three interactive webinars and be provided with 12 binge-worthy video tutorials covering the following materials and more: 

The Foundation

  • How to just start
  • How to carve the time out needed for this side hustle
  • How to develop the essential creative materials for your blog, vlog, or podcast

Branded Content

  • How to come up with topics and themes for your branded content
  • How to build a solid schedule for your branded content
  • How to use top web hosting platforms to host branded content

Social Media

  • How to have a good brand aesthetic and make intriguing profiles for your social media content
  • How to operate free social media content production tools
  • How to work with the different social media algorithms


  • How to grow your readership, viewership, subscribers and followers
  • How to increase engagement on all platforms
  • How to balance organic versus paid marketing

Services & Products

  • How to monetize off of your branded content
  • How to funnel your readers, viewers and listeners into your branded products and services
  • How to ask for what matters most in an influencer contract

Networking & Partnerships

  • How to pitch yourself to potential brand, business, or creative partners
  • How to reach out to potential features
  • How to manage and maintain your contacts and network

At the end of the session you will be prompted to take the academy's final test to prove the knowledge and skills you have gained during the program. You will have an unlimited amount of retakes, but you must attain an 85 percent or higher to receive your well-deserved #BrandBoss Certification!

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#BrandBoss Academy Coaches


Learn from established macro-influencers.

ERin - BLOGGER & #Brandboss of the sunflower experience

#BrandBoss Erin started her nicheless blog, The Sunflower Experience, as an outlet and platform to document my experiences and share some of her life with her followers. Since then she has gained a reach of 11.4K Instagram followers. As a macro-influencer, she has partnered with AG Hair, Curls, and most recently with &pizza!

Tiara - VLOGGER & #Brandboss of tiara nevada

#BrandBoss Tiara started her beauty vlog, Tiara Nevada, in 2015 as creative project that would allow her to combine her three interests: video editing, beauty and vlogging! Since then she has gained a reach of 16.2K YouTube subscribers and 1.3K Instagram followers. As a macro-influencer, she has partnered with MsHere, Outre and Bobbi Boss!


Sydney - FOUNDER & CEO Of Emprology

Sydney, also known as The Empress, will be your host and director for the #BrandBoss Academy webinars and video tutorials. The driving force behind Emprology's wheels, she has taken content producers from simple blogs and podcasts to strategic forces to be reckoned with through the Empress Package programs. Having spent two summers working at Fortune 500 company Facebook, Inc. she has built her expertise on the Instagram and Facebook platforms.