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Lights, Camera, Action.

You will often hear me say that the art of storytelling is a big part of the public relations field. This craft is what draws me to the profession and ultimately to the industry I want to enter. Public relations professionals divide themselves into specific industries such as health, sports or politics. I want to enter the entertainment industry because I, no matter what platform, want to feed entertaining stories to the public. I want to be apart of that magic.

Public relations professionals often utilize best practices, especially when it's specific to their industry of interest. Marketing a brand within the health industry would be very different than marketing that same brand in the sports industry. In this post, I will introduce three key public relations practices specific to the entertainment industry.

Market Shareable, Fun-Size Bites

Feeding too much information to your audience at one time is the surest way to not get your message across. Make your announcements, social media posts and press releases short and sweet. Also make it fun!

One of my favorite brands, as you have probably seen in my other posts, is Disney. I follow many Disney pages on the Twitter platform including Disney Pixar, Disney D23, Disney Institute and the main Disney account. The main account excels at not loading information into their posts. Details and inside scoops are often put on their other accounts. Check out the examples below:

My professor for my current news writing class gave us the tip to link the brand to holidays like Disney did here.

With this creative post they didn't post all of the dates and times for this upcoming release.

The Disney page shares a lot of these motivational posts every day.

Know Your Brand Language

PRNewswire states that most brands already have a personality and tone. The Syfy cable and satellite channel has an interstellar, other-wordly theme to their brand while Oxygen has a reality dramatic theme. NBC Universal owns both channels, but they each speak to two different audiences.

"I think where many companies fall down is if there isn't a clear role for the brand to play; or one that people believe the brand has permission to play," says Leigh Himel, Principal, Gravity Partners Limited. Your brand doesn't have to have a voice on every subject, just the subjects that matter most to your audience.

Also, when you make mistakes, own up to them! It will instill more trust in your brand. The New York Times eloquently handled a typo of there's in an issue back in January 2012. They addressed the issue by simply inserting a correction block at the end of the article. 

This GIF showcases Oxygen's personality.

This GIF showcases Syfy's personality.

Get to Know the Millennial Generation

According to this Verizon study, understanding and connecting with the millennial generation is crucial to keeping your brand alive in the entertainment industry. Millennials prioritize value while still holding onto strong brand preferences. They are likely to spend more to get the best.

Millennials are the main influencers to the television-to-online switch-up. They are likely to subscribe to things like premium networks. Their redefinition of the television experience, like binge watching, will have a larger impact in the near future. To keep the attention of this group, your brand needs to provide a superior customer experience. Without a digital strategy, brands run the risk of losing their loyal millennial consumers.  

There are of course many best practices for the entertainment industry that you should definitely research, but these are the most effective ones on my radar. Comment below with any other practices you have used yourself or have seen a brand execute flawlessly!

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