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Bread, Money and Honey

Freshman year of college, during my pursuit into my illustrious sorority, I attended a 2015 Delta Week event called "Divas to Daughters." One of the devastating panelist, my now Soror, brought up a topic that still remains the center of conversation for my line sisters and I three years later: whether a man is a bread, money or honey. We always go back and forth about which quality is better than the other and what we hold dear and want in any future man of ours. What do they mean? Well let me explain . . .

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Emancipate the Barrel

You've all heard of the crabs-in-the-barrel metaphor? Yea, that's the topic of discussion for today's blog post. This metaphor, as a rather successful black woman for her age, has been rattling in my head all week. Today I want you, a force to be reckoned with, to walk away with one thing in mind: lift as you climb & don't let others keep you down.

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Empower Your Money, Honey

This week's topic is one that should be near the top of every young woman's mind right now: money empowerment. Women control 75% of the wealth in America and, black women especially, are in more control of the purse strings in the household. We are also the largest consumers, with a growing impact on the economy reaching $18 trillion in spending power.

I can go on about how great our power is as a population of women, but I want to take a special focus on the individual: you. What can you do now, to financially empower yourself?

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Exclusively Inclusive

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending Brightest Young Things and the National Museum of Women in the Arts "Exclusively Inclusive" after hours event. This post highlights my favorite pieces from the new "She Who Tells A Story" exhibition presented by women photographers from the Iran and Arab World. It also shouts out a few of the brands I got to encounter in the ACreativeDC #GirlPower room throughout the night.

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The #UMDMelanin project encompasses the wide range of black womanhood found at this university. In honor of Black History Month, this post will take you through the manifestation of this masterpiece, unveiling the behind the scenes work and stories from the perspective of #UMDMelanin's main photographer, Olasubomi Adesoye. At the end, enjoy the entire project with mini facts about each woman's shoot.

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