Beauty and the Beast 24th Anniversary

The Disney Renaissance Era will always have a special place in my heart. The most classical and beloved Disney characters were manifested during this time period. Characters like "Tarzan," "Mulan" and "Pocahontas" are just some of the few that came during the Disney Renaissance and shaped the Disney brand to what it is today.

24 years ago, my mother's favorite Disney princess made her debut during this magical era, Belle from "Beauty and the Beast."

Belle is one of my favorite princesses for a couple different reasons:

The Beast's library, cleaned and cleared for Belle.

  • She is not interested in the big hunk in town and is not seeking marriage like some of the other young women.
  • She will do anything for her family even if that means giving up her life for her father's.
  • She is humble and patient when dealing with the Beast and his ferociousness.
  • She is the first Disney princess to find fulfillment in being an avid reader.
  • She is able to look past a person's exterior to find the true extent of their character.

The Christmas season is always the perfect time to whip out this movie and watch it. The contrast and depth of this light-hearted story is able to connect with audiences young and old. I bonded with my mother over the animated art and incredible scores featured in this movie.

The concept of the stained glass windows kept us mesmerized. Songs such as "Human Again" and "Be Our Guest" would fill our house on Saturdays, our cleaning day. Christmas is just around the corner and I know when I go home, my mother will be patiently waiting for us to hop right into this yearly tradition.

24 years later, "Beauty and the Beast" still holds a place in my family's lives. Just like every other Disney movie, I always wonder what these characters would be doing today, after the credits are finished. I imagine Belle and the Beast-turned-Prince are traveling the world together, seeking the adventures they always read about.

As you will probably figure out in my future blog posts, I have a deep rooted respect for the Disney princesses. None of them, including Belle, ever settled for the life the world handed them. Their motivation and optimism inspires me in my daily life to always reach for the stars.

--- Ms. Parker ---