New Blog, Who Dis?

My Name Is Sydney Parker. An ambitious dreamer.

Disney. Classical Art History. Social Media. There are many subjects that capture my interest, but one remains a steady presence in my life: Black Feminism.

Black Sheroes.

Black Feminism comes in many different forms and fashions, changing from person to person. It embodies the gray areas of hip-hop, the struggle for transgender equality and the passion for the erotic power.

I am a mixture of complexity and contradicting needs, but Black Feminism embodies all of that.

The subject of feminism is not always a conversation about women, equality and representation. It is a perspective. This blog will cover many topics like the ones listed above, but from a black feminist perspective.

Notice that I say 'a' and not 'the.' I am one person. One mind. One soul. I am not the definition of black feminism, I am simply one perspective.

So come all who are interested in female minority representation in the media. Come all who want to discuss black female ethics in the workplace. Come all who want to review the latest episode of Scandal.

Come one, come all to The Empress Archives.

--- Ms. Parker ---