At the heart of Emprology is the experience we bring to our #BrandBoss clients. What really keeps the fuel running for a business of this nature is the happiness and inspiration we are able to provide to women who just needed that extra push to truly buy into themselves and their passions.

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A classic lookbook and blog that combines advice on the styling of bold statement pieces with fashion and lifestyle rules to live by. Modestly Mini serves to meet the needs of any woman looking to style herself in a sexy and conservative way, to make healthy lifestyle choices, and to discuss controversial topics dealing with modest fashion.


Why Emprology?

In February 2017, Deneria knew that she wanted a change. She wanted to take Modestly Mini from just a WordPress blog and a couple of cute Instagram photos to a full on brand with a strong visual identity and strategic campaigns. Emprology was able to provide that and more to this #BrandBoss in the making.

  • 7 content and social media campaigns
  • 3 platforms - Website, Facebook and Instagram
  • 33 creative assets
  • 2 potential influencer partnerships

Data collected from February to November 2017

  • +957% website views
  • +16% followers
  • +74% likes
  • 30% potential profit

#Brandboss Contact

Name: Deneria Ali


Instagram: @modestlymini


Sydney really dives deeps into the intricacies of your brand which takes your dreams from a vision to a reality.
— Deneria Ali, Modestly Mini

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